Technology Behind The Planar Driver In Edifier S3

With the latest Edifier S3 wireless headphones, it comes with a specialized ultra-low distortion Planar Magnetic Drivers but you might ask yourself this question: What exactly is it and what does it do? If you look up the word ‘planar’, it relates to a plane or lying in one plane. You’ll get some hints of what the driver offers with simply the word.

Compared to traditional dynamic drivers, Planar Magnetic drivers has two magnets on either side of the diaphragm which allows it to vibrate. As you might have known already, headphones create audio through the diaphragm within their drivers. With the latter, you can expect a more immersive sound quality.

The drivers send out electrical impulses to a conductive material “windings” which links with the magnetic fields within the driver. Despite that, the “windings” is spread out on the thin membrane of the diaphragm with two permanent magnets. This would mean that the diaphragm would vibrate in response to the electric signals sent by the audio source.

You can expect punchy bass with less roll-off compared to high-end open dynamic headphones of the same segment. The thinner diaphragm on the Planar magnetic drivers also means that it gets tighter bass response which reacts faster to the changes in the input signal, which is a plus point. Not only is the bass punchy but not overpowered, but it also does not extend into the mid-range.

Planar magnetic drivers typically are larger than standard drivers, thus giving a broader wavefront that provides a better representation of the stereo image. What this means is that the audio will feel like the audio sounds a wave of sound from your environment instead of it directly coming from a point source on your head.

To simply put it, the Planar Driver featured in the Edifier S3 offers even, precise sound, even without the help of a headphone amplifier, fast response time, and with little to no transient sound as the audio source stops sending high or low frequency.

Experience the audio quality for yourself and grab the Edifier S3 now for RM1,799 from stores near you or online through the official Edifier store on both Lazada and Shopee.


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