A3-8s First Peek

New Released A3-8S is an upgrade from the previous A3-8i will added TWS Stereo Pairing function. It provides a great stereo audio for activities.

The Design

A3-8s is designed like a luggage. It is equipped with 2 wheels. At the top is an extandable handle. while at the bottom is a licking mechanism to let you mount the speaker on a speaker stand.


The Mic

A Mic holder is provided to attach your mic while on the move. It is convenient when taking a break and just put back the mic to the holder.

The mic frequency is adjustable. If there is any signal interference you can adjust the frquency to avoid them. 

Powered using Two AA battery. Easy to replace and maintain. 

On the other side of the battery is a frequency adjust and pairing button. single press to adjust the frequency. Press and hold to enter pairing mode. Just enter pairing mode and turn on your A3-8s Speaker and it will automatic search and pair with it.

The Input

At the back panel of the speaker. There is a TF card reader, an USB port to play music file from Thumbdrive, A LED display, Volume, Treble, Bass, Mic knob, and a series of control buttons. There is also a Mic in port for you to add on a second wired mic. 

An USB charging cable is included. You can charge the speaker with a standard USB charger. It makes if very convenient that you can charge it in your car or power bank while traveling.

The Sound

A3-8S is equipped with a8 inch woofer. Despite it only has 8W output. Its DSP makes it very power efficient to product a powerful bass.

It also comes with a Horn tweeter to handle the high frequency range. Your voice will be heard loud and clear with a dedicated tweeter.

Sound Test in Stereo Mode


The A3-8S is perfect for seminar and outdoor activities. You can operate the speakers completely wirelessly. No power plug needed. Just switch on the Speakers and connect with your phone’s Bluetooth. You can get 2 A3-8s and setup a stereo sound system for better sound effects. You can use both mic while in Stereo mode. however, each mic only output to the speaker that it is paired to. 


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