The Story Behind Edifier

The Story Behind Edifier Technology June 28, 2022 Established in 1996 in Beijing, China, Edifier has since become a prominent company in providing outstanding sound experiences through a wide variety of home sound, professional audio, automobile audio, headphones, and microphones for personal entertainment and professional use. Edifier lives by the principle “a passion for sound” […]

Technology Behind The Planar Driver In Edifier S3

Technology Behind The Planar Driver In Edifier S3 Technology June 28, 2022 With the latest Edifier S3 wireless headphones, it comes with a specialized ultra-low distortion Planar Magnetic Drivers but you might ask yourself this question: What exactly is it and what does it do? If you look up the word ‘planar’, it relates to […]

MF200 Product Review

MF200 Review Product review June 10, 2022 Introduction The MF200 is a Portable Bluetooth Soundbar designed to use on desktop. while its built in battery extended it to portable genre which gives you convenient to bring it and use while on the move. The Appearance The Front feature a dotted metal mesh in glossy black […]

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