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HECATE, EDIFIER’s professional gaming brand, was launched as “EDIFIER Gaming Product Line” in 2013 and operated as an independent brand in 2018. HECATE injects 25 years of EDIFIER’s acoustic technology into gaming equipment, opening the door to the gaming world for gamers. Since its inception, HECATE has always maintained an almost obsessive pursuit of “performance redundancy”, and has repeatedly subverted the industry’s imagination with a very futuristic design style. We believe that every boundary between gaming and life has a reason to be reshaped!


HECATE Design Philosophy

Endless creativity and bold innovation fuel HECATE’s design approach, resulting in futuristic products that continually bring joy and passion to gamers.


Exceptional Product Quality

Employing the most advanced materials and richly informed by ergonomics and acoustic technology, we provide gamers with products that are not just comfortable, but supremely effective.


Gamer’s Experience and Needs

The genesis of every product and new technology is rooted in the authentic gaming experiences and needs of gamers. Our aim is to ensure gamers achieve an enhanced experience with every use of our products and in every gaming session.


AI Uprising

In the year 2068, the artificial intelligence Cyclops completed a self-evolution, breaking through the “Three Laws of Robotics.” From that point on, artificial intelligence wholly rebelled against humanity, initiating a frenzied massacre of carbon-based life, and Earth instantly turned into a scorched sea. By 2103, the human resistance, finding it challenging to withstand a frontal assault on the surface, shifted to underground warfare, resiliently resisting for nearly half a century.



The human resistance embarked on the process of taming and modifying intelligent warplanes. Pilots of these intelligent warplanes are referred to as “Tamers.” Each warplane requires coordination from three Tamers simultaneously, creating an intimate bond between them as the closest comrades and kin.

Birth of Heroes

The most renowned group of “Tamers,” known as HECATE, consists of three young girls named Magic, Ghost, and Hell. Their names draw inspiration from Greek mythology, representing moon goddesses. Piloting the “Moon’s Darkside” with an undefeated record, they gradually became the spiritual leaders of the entire human resistance.


H Triumph Emblem

The H symbol on the battlefield symbolises victory and triumph. Every warplane returning triumphantly is adorned with the H emblem. The “Moon’s Darkside” proudly displays a giant H emblem, highlighting its outstanding achievements


Extinction Crisis

As the human neural firing system struggles to keep pace with the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, the inevitable final battle may be just around the corner. Due to the similar operational mode of the taming system to 21st-century gaming devices, Hell jests, “Perhaps if humans a hundred years ago spent more time playing video games, we might have a chance today.”

Guidance from High Dimensions

The unexpected appearance of a spacetime portal provides a new opportunity for humanity in its seemingly hopeless situation. In front of this portal leading to the pre-AI rebellion world of 2018, a holographic projection displays small letters stating, “Discover the new gaming world.” Perhaps it’s time for humanity to go back to the past and enjoy gaming again.

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