Edifier WH950NB First Peek


First Look

The WH950NB is premium headphone with a new looking design different from previous Edifier Headphone line up. It comes with a carrying case designed to fit the headphone perfectly together with the cables and airplane converter for travelers to use with aircraft entertainment system.


Built Quality

The headband is made of stainless steel and it is extremely durable. But sacrificed the flexibility to bend the headphone like a towel. It gives a much premium look to the headphone though.

The Earcup is made of hard plastic with leather texture. the flax out hole is filled with an oval shape metal ring in gold color.


Comfort is a important aspect to look at when choosing headphone. Featuring a 100 degree rotatable earcup and tilting design. it will fit on any headshape smoothly. 

Top part of the headband is fitted with a thick sponge to reduce the weight burden on top of your head. 

The Earpad is replaceable with a ring clip on design. Unlike previous models, WH950NB speaker filter is glued on the earcup instead of the earpad. the earpad is just a ring with a hole in the middle.

The Interface

All buttons are built at the bottom of Right earcup. There are volume buttons with multi function/ power button in the middle in 3 buttons island. Another isolated “M” button is used to change ANC Mode as well as sound mode. A Type C charging port is located next to the buttons. On the Left earcup is a AUX port.


Foldable design makes WH950NB transform into a smaller size for you to put in your bag easily. 

It also comes with a carrying case to protect your headphone from scratches. 


WH950NB is a headphone that comes with premium accessories. The Active Noise Cancellation performance is very satisfying. I can barely hear the person talking beside me when listening to my music with WH950NB. Edifier Connect apps and Google fast pair makes it very convenient to use. Once you linked the headphone to your Google account it will automatic pop up when detected with the device that logged in with your Google account.


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