W220T Review

Edifier W220T is a Snapdragon Semi In-Ear earbuds. The packaging box is a standard size similar with other TWS earbuds. We can see a Snapdragon sound logo printed on the outer sleeve of the packaging box.

Inside The Box
Within the box is very simple. comes with a Type C charging cable, a user manual and the two earbuds stored inside the charging case.
The Earbuds
The earbuds feature some unique design from previous models. Firstly the earbud sound outlet hole is designed in a rounded shape. It makes the earbud looks more elegant at the same time also reduced the sharp edge that will contact with your ears while wearing. Secondly the touch control located at the side of the mic stem is a pinch type with slight haptic feed back. when you touch the control you will hear a slight click from the earbud.

From the outer side of the earbud can see a flex out holemic hold on top, follow by “EDIFIER” logo. At the edge are 2 pieces of metal as charging contact with the charging case.. The whole design mimimized the depth of the holes and it is easier to clean. All filter mesh are easy to reach with cotton bud.

The Charging Case
The charging case is furnished with glossy surface which makes it easy to grip on. At the front is a dual color LED indicator for battery level checking and pairing mode indication.

The lid of the charging case is quite firm. It can support the weight of the whole case with earbuds in it while laying flat on surface to keep the lid opened. It is handy when entered pairing mode, you can temporary put it on a table while you go to reach your phone to pair with the earbuds.

At the bottom and back of the charging case are the Type C charging port and case button respectively. It is a standard design which similar to TWS330NB, TWS200 and W200T mini. You just leave the earbuds in the charging case and hold the case button to enter pairing mode. 


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