Edifier MP85 first peek

Edifier MP85 first peek Product review March 27, 2023 The Edifier MP85 mini portable Bluetooth speaker is designed to fit in your hand easily. At the size of TWS charging case, it can follow you anywhere easily. The Front View At the front of speaker are an array of diagonal holes ventilation for the speaker […]

Active Vs Passive Speakers

Elementor #11881 Technology March 20, 2023 A speaker driver require an amplifier to boost the signal strength to match the wattage output. Choosing the right amplifier will bring out the best performance from your speakers. Let’s see what are the differences between Active and Passive speakers and what are the Pros and Cons.   Passive […]

Type Of Input Connectors

When connecting your speaker to your PC or TV with cable. Have you ever wonder can this speaker connect to my device? Which speaker can connect to my TV and which one can use for my PC? There are variety type of connector on different type of speakers. Let’s see what are the differences!

Should I Get Bluetooth Or WiFi?

Should I Get a Bluetooth Speaker or WiFi Speakers?
Wireless speakers are very common nowadays. However there are different ways of wireless connections, mainly Bluetooth and Wifi. Let’s find out what are the differences between these 2 type of connections.

Edifier CX7 First Peek

Edifier CX7 First Peek Uncategorized February 1, 2023 First Glance Out of the box there are a Subwoofer, a Stand alone amplifier, 2x Satellite speakers, a wireless remote control, a user manual and 3xconnecting cables. The speakers cabinet are made of wood. The  amplifier is made of plastic. The Sub Woofer The front cover of […]

Edifier GM180 Plus First Peek

Edifier GM180 Plus Semi In-Ear USB Earphone features L shape USB connector for mobile convenient. The volume slider compatible with all device

How To Choose Best Speaker For My Room?

Speakers come in variety of sizes and forms. There are bookshelf speakers, portable speakers, computer speakers etc. Getting the right speakers will save you cost and fulfill your needs at the same time.

Edifier WH950NB First Peek

Edifier WH950NB First Peek Product review January 5, 2023   First Look The WH950NB is premium headphone with a new looking design different from previous Edifier Headphone line up. It comes with a carrying case designed to fit the headphone perfectly together with the cables and airplane converter for travelers to use with aircraft entertainment […]

Edifier G5BT First Peek

Edifier G5BT First Peek Product review December 2, 2022 First Look Edifier G5BT CAT comes with a premium packaging including a hard carrying case, a charging cable, a AUX cable and two cat ears. The headphones is designed with foldable hinge for compact fit in carrying case. reducing the size when traveling. The Connection Port […]

G1500 First Peek

G1500 First Peek Product review December 1, 2022 First Look The Edifier G1500 has a futuristic diagonal outlook design. There are 2 “Hecate” logo branding at the bottom front of both speakers. The front grill is made of metal and provide a great protection for the inner drivers and components. The diagonal slanted firing design […]

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